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Cat Hands (Namaste)

Cat Hands (Namaste)

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Cat Hands! (Namaste) your cat's first step on the path to spiritual enlightenment! Crafted with serenity in mind, these perfectly poised solid hand props will guide your feline friend into the deepest meditations. Place these faux-paws in prayer in front of your loafing cat, and watch as they transcend the mundane to commune with the mighty Cat God, Bastet. Whether seeking inner peace or feline nirvana, these hands are your cat's ticket to mystical realms. A purr-fect blend of humor and spirituality for your enlightened pet!

Crafted from the finest, cat-friendly 3D printed materials, these SOLID hands are designed to gently rest in front of your cat while they're in their loaf position. The result? A hilarious, human-like appearance that will have you and your friends rolling with laughter.

"Cat Hands!" are the must-have accessory for any cat owner with a sense of humor. Get yours today and turn your kitty into the hand-model they were always meant to be. Collect them all!
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